As part of your Five Star Customer Experience we want to make sure that you ( Our Customer ) are getting the most value at the best price. The programs below provide just a snapshot of the fringe benefits you can expect when you wash at Karma Hand Car Wash + Detail.

Karma Club Membership

Granting you instant deep discounts, across the board deals and unbeatable perks, the Karma Club is truly the royal treatment!

The value begins instantly.  At sign up you EARN a One Time Chance To: 

  • Get a Free Gift Card Purchase Value Bonus of $6 for Every $20 You Buy!

You also get Upgraded Perks like these:

  • Free Birthday Standard Hand Wash
  • Free Standard Hand Wash on your Karma Club Anniversary Date
  • Free Inside & Out Hand Wash Upgrade with every Detail Service
  • Free Standard Hand Wash after every 10th Wash
  • Extended Clean Car Guarantees
  • 15% OFF All Detailing Services ... and more!

Karma Club Membership Pricing Saves You BIG:

> Small Cars/Small Single Cab Trucks: $140/year (minimum value $232.50/year)*

>> Full Size Cars, 2 Door Big Body Cars: $165/year (minimum value $268.75/year)*

>>> Small SUV's, Crew Cab Pickup Trucks F150: $206/year (minimum value $316.75/year)*

>>>> Full Size SUV's, Minivans: $276/year (minimum value $394.50/year)*

XL XL SUV's, Super Duty Pick Up Trucks F250: $360/year (minimum value $480.25/year)*

It's Easily the Best Car Wash Club in the business, not to mention the surprise rewards and exclusives we'll be handing out along the way.

Only a Limited Amount of Spaces are available in the Karma Club, so hurry up and Click Here To: Join The Karma Club Today!

Then, share us on all your favorite social media platforms to start earning cool free services and rewards from Karma Hand Car Wash + Detail and your other favorite local area businesses!

Check it out here.

Karma Loyalty Program

Want to sign up for FREE access to discounts and promotions at Karma Hand Car Wash + Detail?

Loyalty Program

  • Our FiveStars Loyalty App is free and loaded with ways to earn points to redeem for progressive rewards, service discounts and cool freebies ... the more you wash, the more you earn!
  • The more you share, the more you get FREE!
  • Enroll here or In-Store with your Cell Phone Number

Standard Perks - The Best Comes Standard:

Only the finest materials will touch your vehicle from the moment you arrive.

  • Super Soft 100% lambs wool hand wash mitts, premium - environmentally safe - waxes, soaps and cleaning products, super soft chamois cloth for a gentle spot free hand dry, micro-fiber finish out towels and dedicated applicator pads ... just to name a few.

Karma Hand Car Wash + Detail is the Texas's Auto Appearance Leader.  What sets us apart?

  • In & Out in 20 minutes or less *depending on your service requests.
  • 100% Hand Car Wash - completely by hand car care inside & out - First Come, First Served.
  • Relaxation from start to finish, flat screen tv's, free wi-fi, Karma Cafe and vending, kids area, shaded observation patio, friendly & helpful staff, a great car wash!
  • 100% Green Car Wash - use less than 5 gallons of water per wash, net zero carbon footprint, zero waste plan.
  • Industry Leader in Customer Experience: Superior Service, Value, Quality and Convenience
  • Professionally Trained & Managed Staff; International Detailing Assocation Certified
  • Best Rewards Club and VIP Unlimited Wash Memberships in the Business!
  • Five Point Customer Satisfaction Process, Quality Check on every vehicle to ensure Complete Satisfaction, Customer Feedback is Always Welcome
  • Karma Cafe - healthy, delicious snacks, fresh juices, smoothies, fit meals, gourmet coffee and purified rain water. *
  • Free Karma Concierge (for Detail Customers within a 7 mile radius) * not currently available
  • Standard 48 Hour Weather Guarantee ( 1/2 Price Hand Wash on Standard Wash and all Greater Services )
  • Interior Detail Earns 1 Hand Wash, Super Deluxe Earns 2 Hand Washes, Show Room Earns 3 Hand Washes
  • Online Detail Scheduling Convenience - Click "Pencil Me In" above or "Schedule Now" to the right

Social Media Loyalty Deals

Connect with us on Social Media (links are at the top of this website) and join our community, become our friend, like us and earn extra points towards your rewards!

About once a month we'll run a loyalty special that might be just what you're looking for ... for maximum value and generous across the board discounts 24/7/365 check out a Karma Club Membership or our VIP Monthly Membership Program!

Competitor Coupons

Have a coupon from another car wash in town?

Bring it on in - we'll match it as best we can with the most comparable hand wash service(s).

You'll quickly begin to wonder why you would go any where else but Karma!

Customer Appreciation

At Karma, every day is Customer Appreciation Day - Satisfaction Guaranteed!

It's our goal to get it right the first time every time, but if there's something we've missed or you have a special request, please let us know so we can take good care of you ... we'll fix it right away no problem.  We're here to serve you and aren't happy until you are!

Please ask us about our Daily Specials wink

Customer Education

This is a missing element in the auto industry on the whole, which creates unnecessary mystery about what's best for your vehicle.

We provide long term value by being a dependable resource of honest, quality information from industry professionals.

For example: to maximize the value of your vehicle you must plan on consistently keeping it clean inside & out, regularly and properly hand wash, hand waxed and professionally detailed.

We can help you put together a personalized schedule of services to meet your needs.

Recycling Rewards

All aluminum cans you recycle at Karma get smashed and cashed for scrap then the proceeds are donated to a local school, foodbank or homeless shelter to help fund necessary services.

And, every month, we'll reward someone at random with a FREE Hand Wash for making the effort to do what's right while contributing to a good cause.

Secret Shopper

Whether you're James Bond or Mission Impossible, or you just like the excitement of undercover work Karma needs feeback from inside the front lines.

How were you greeted?  Were the staff friendly and motivated to help you?  How long did your wash service take?  Where did quality rank on a scale of 1-10?  Why?

Helping us answer these kinds of questions is a valuable component in keeping quality of service and customer experience top notch.  We take very good care of our secret shoppers.

New Cars Wash Free

You just bought a new (new to you) vehicle and it's ready for it's first wash.

Are you going to drive it through a tunnel and let those brushes beat it to death, waste your money at a touchless chemical wash or get up pre-dawn to wash it in your drive way to beat the heat?

Ask your dealership if they have partnered with Karma Hand Car Wash + Detail because you want to keep your investment clean and properly maintained to hold its' maximum value.

Good Karma Specials

> 1st Time Customer Special: 25% OFF Inside & Out + FREE Exterior Blow Out *vehicles will be assessed for condition*

> Early Bird: $10 OFF Hand Wax Special and Wash 2 FREE Rubber Mats or 2 FREE Shampoo Cloths Mats before 11am

> Rainy Day Deals: 25% OFF Detailing Services + FREE Protection Package Upgrades

Express Interior: FREE Shampoo Mats

Full Interior: FREE DrivePur Interior or Basic Hand Wax Protection

Super Deluxue: FREE Nano Wax Upgrade and FREE Scotch Guard Carpets

$20 Off Headlight Restoration with Purchase Inside & Out Wash w/ RainX Windows

*rain chances must be 25% or higher to activate this special*

> Manager Specials: FREE Hand Wash Wheels & Quick Buff Detail w/ Purchase of Hand Wash & Hand Wax or Hand Wax Special

> Big Truck Special: FREE Hand Wash Custom Wheels w/ Purchase of Inside & Out (or Greater Service)

Daily Specials

> Monday = Veterans & Active Duty 25% OFF any Service (15% OFF every other day)

> Tuesday = Ladies Day 25% OFF Ultimate Wash + 50% OFF Wax Upgrade

FREE RainX Windows and Exterior Blow Out w/ Purchase of Inside & Out + 50% OFF DrivePur APC upgrade

> Wednesday = Teachers, Coaches and Staff 25% OFF any Service (15% OFF every other day)

$10 OFF Hand Wax Special + 50% OFF Clay Bar Treatment and FREE Nano Wax Paint Sealant Upgrade

> Thursday = 1st Responders & City Employees 25% OFF any Service (15% OFF every other day)

FREE DrivePur APC and Shampoo 4 Cloths Mats w/ Purchase of Ultimate Wash or Express Interior Detail

* Coming Soon ... Good Karma Trusted Partners for the best tires, wheels, maintenance, mechanics, body repair and new/used car sales in town!

Fundraising & Charity Events

We have a program for everyone and if not, we'll work with you to create one.

We're committed to being a real contributor to the success of our local communtiy, so if you have a good cause, bring it to us.

Go team!

Be In The Know

Unfortunately, auto washing and clean are quite contradictory.  Please don't patronize inefficient, wasteful practices.

In other words, there is a lot of unnecessary waste at the machine wash, all of which can be prevented or avoided.

Be In The Know. You and the decisions you make every day are extremely important … think ripple effect, or more profoundly, butterfly effect. Either way you have to understand that YOU can make a BIG difference!

> Over the course of a year, the average machine car wash can gulp millions of gallons of fresh water, consume a tremendous amount of energy, send mountains of trash to the landfill and create a laundry list of other collateral pollution.

More Water & More Chemicals (mix & match or vice versa) = waste, pollution; hard on your vehicle's clear coat paint, may not get what you paid for ... ten seconds of colorful foam?

More Machines & Less Labor = cookie cutter approach, less human touch, less connection to customers; quality of product and service suffers.

No Investment In Sustainability = no recycling, renewable energy or community improvement programs; missed opportunity to make a positive impact, no ripple effect; creates tremendous amounts of waste.


Hand Wash vs. Other Options

> Washing your vehicle is one of those jobs best done by HAND, not a cookie cutter machine.

Driveway Washing - It's hard work, time consuming and when done in the drive way at home can waste a bunch of water while sending harmful chemicals into the sanitary sewer or fresh water system - not good!

So, it's off to the car wash ... great choice, but all car washes are not created equally.

Tunnel Wash - Machine controlled brushes spinning at high speeds smacking the heck out of your fenders, doors and bumpers or dragging across your hood and roof.  A good ol' forced friction wash.  When do they clean or replace their brushes ... ever?  Plus, at an average water usage of up to165+ gallons per wash, a lot of water goes to waste in a hurry.

Touchless Wash - Uses up to 165+ gallons of water per wash with long, harsh chemical dwell times required to melt away dirt, grime & bugs ... even still, you usually have to prep scrub to see desired results.  Some touchless washes heat their water to try to improve results - a BIG waste of energy.

Gas Station Wash - Probably the most inefficient and wasteful of them all, plus it's not uncommon to come out dirtier than you went in.

Self Serve Wash - Good for knocking off big chunks of mud or heavy dirt and bugs, but you can easily spend hours in the wash bay doing the work yourself.

"A tunnel car wash with a moderate amount of high-pressure applications could use [at least] 120 gallons of water per vehicle. Assuming an average of 400 cars washed, daily usage would total 48,000 gallons. This example site is therefore using 1.44 million gallons of water a month or more than 17 million gallons a year," Charles Borchard, AutoLaundry News 2011.

Before you wash your vehicle anywhere else ... think about Karma Hand Car Wash + Detail!

VIP Monthly Membership Plans

Best Value In The Business

Premium progressive rewards and up to 5 hand washes per month makes keeping your vehicle clean super easy and super fun!

Soccer moms (& dads!), school teachers, business tycoons, grandparents, car enthusiasts, librarians, bachelors and bachelorettes ... a clean car inside & out is an absolute must ... for you and your passengers.

A clean car is healthy, it projects a sharp image and it protects the appearance & value of your vehicle over the long run.

Plus, washing at Karma, you're a part of something much more than just an amazingly clean vehicle, you're helping to better the world one car wash at a time!

Check it out here.

Karma Gift Cards

A car wash gift card is a great gift for any occasion and is always appreciated - guaranteed.

You can buy gift cards any over the phone at 512.215.8876 or at any of our store locations.

Check out these smokin' Gift Card Value Bonuses ... available only in limited quantity and only during special events & holiday seasons!!

Join us on social media to be the first to know about our next GC Value Bonus event!

Buy $20 get $5 FREE

Buy $100 get $30 FREE!

Buy $200 get $70 FREE!!

Community Appreciation

Round Rock is the Sports Capital, Austin is the Music Capital ... Karma Hand Car Wash + Detail is the Car Wash Capital!

We're excited to celebrate what makes our communities so great while helping keep Central Texas on the map as a destination for the world.

With initiatives like our Karma Community Impact Challenge, Pay It Forward and the Karma College Scholarship we want to make it crystal clear - our community's success is our success.

To raise the bar, Senior Citizens, Veterans & Active Military, Teachers, Coaches and Emergency Responders (Police, Fire, EMS) recieve a standing 15% Discount across the board.

Plus, our Good Karma, Manager Specials and Rainy Day Deals will put a smile on everyone's face.

We're always looking for ways to show our appreciation of you and your business!

Karma Community Impact Challenge

Take these challenges head on and make these actions a way of life.

In doing so you can virtually eliminate your carbon footprint, keep tons of garbage out of the landfills, save thousands of gallons of water and contribute to your community all while having fun and getting fit!

The potential for positive impact here is unlimited ... how many people can we get on board!?  Are you in? Let's do this!

Your actions make a difference, get started today.  Encourage your friends and the businesses in your community to do the same!

Pay It Forward

Join us in a social movement to help make our world a better place ... share good Karma and encourage others to do the same.

The positive ripple effective of a good deed is limited only by your imagination  ... Pay It Forward today!

Discounted Wash Books

Buy 5 of Any Wash or Detail Service at Regular Price Get 1 Free!*

* of equal or lesser value

Freedom Isn't Free Veterans Specials

For veterans and those active in the defense of our freedom, Karma is proud to extend a Half Price Hand Car Wash as gratitude for your service on selected nationally recognized holidays.

We're also happy to extend this gesture of appreciation as well to our Teachers, Coaches, Firefighters, Police Officers and Emergency 1st Responders on their respective days of recognition.

> To raise the bar ... Veterans & Active Military, Teachers, Coaches, Senior Citizens and Emergency Responders (Police, Fire, EMS) recieve a standing 15% Discount across the board.

Karma College Scholarships

Every year Karma Hand Car Wash + Detail plans to award a $1,000 college scholarship to a true heart, proven leader.

The recipient of this award must demonstrate an unrivaled committment to excellence, stewardship, education, physical fitness, the arts and citizenship within their community.

Fleet & Corporate Programs

When you have an image to uphold and lots of vehicles in the public eye, Karma will keep your fleet super clean and on budget.

7 or more vehilces qualify for special fleet rate pricing.

Five Star Customer Experience

We go beyond consistently excellent customer service, we deliver a Five Star Experience.

  • Top notch quality, convenience, extra value and service with smile.
  • Facilites are inviting, clean, green, comfortable, enjoyable and efficient.
  • Management and Staff are friendly, knowledgeable, professional and fun.
  • We sincerely care about our customers, our communities and our environment.
  • Karma's Core Values