Fast. Green. Clean.

'Fast. Green. Clean.

Karma Hand Car Wash - making a huge impact with a small footprint.

Karma Hand Car Wash + Detail is proud to service the great city of Round Rock and other fine Central Texas Area cities such as Austin, Georgetown, Pflugerville and Cedar Park!  You can find us just off Interstate 35 Exit 251 on the North Bound access road at Gattis School (between Brake Check and Outback Steak House).

If you are closer to the downtown Austin area, Google Map us at 1516 W 5th Street, Austin Texas, 78703.

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With Karma, a new standard of clean has arrived ... the future of car washing.

Our motto Fast. Green. Clean is at the heart of an innovative business model aimed at cleaning up a traditionally dirty, wasteful industry, setting the bar for sustainability and making an unprecedented positive impact in our local communities ... all while turning out the best car wash in town!


Really, what do you want when you spend good money and time at the car wash?  It's pretty simple ... a great car wash!

First and foremost it's our mission to:

Second, but just as important, it's our mission to:

It's our aspiration that Karma's mission will also:

Our Promise - A Five Star Experience

It's no punch line at Karma, we actually do care about our customers.  We look forward to serving you and exceeding your expectations.  Thank you for the opportunity to WOW you!

We're commited to getting better at what we do every day while going above & beyond for our customers and communitites to provide extra value.

Top Notch Service

Our services are performed by the hands of friendly, helpful, professionally trained staff who's top priority is customer satisfaction.  Our battle tested approach focuses on maximum quality quickly.  In most cases, we can process your wash service request in 20 minutes or less.

If your vehicle needs some additional TLC, or you just like to keep your ride impeccably clean inside & out, you're in luck because the equipment in our enclosed detail bay is top of the line and our detailers are truly masters of the trade.

The Best Comes Standard

Only the finest materials will touch your vehicle from the moment you arrive: super soft 100% lambs wool hand wash mitts, premium - environmentally safe - waxes, soaps and cleaning products, super soft chamois cloth for a gentle spot free hand dry, micro-fiber finish out towels and dedicated applicator pads ... just to name a few.

Karma Hand Car Wash + Detail is the Texas's Auto Appearance Leader.  What sets us apart?

Flat screen tv's, massage (coming soon), free wi-fi, Karma Cafe and vending, kids area, shaded observation patio, friendly, knowledgeable & helpful staff, a great hand car wash!

Good Karma - what goes around comes around.

Karma Hand Car Wash is about more than just an amazing car wash, it's about something much bigger, it's about taking action to do what's right because it's the right thing to do ... right = might.

We'd love to have you along for the ride!

We will lead by example.

Not only do we believe that the Golden Rule is invaluable in the stewardship of our business and customer relationships, we feel it's imperative to interact with eachother, our community and its environment in the same way.


Along with our green building and overall zero waste plan, Karma will strive to earn Green Globes Certification by recycling and reusing up to 90% of the car wash water we use in an attempt to bring net fresh water usage near 1 gallon per wash.

We'll also harvest rainwater to irrigate our Texas native, xeriscape and edible landscaping as well as supplement our hand wash process.

By conscientiously purchasing and utilizing only the best, eco-safe car wash supplies we can maintain the highest quality while being excellent stewards of the environment.


In combination with a 5Kw solar panel array (we'll be upgrading to 10Kw soon), we've implemented LED lighting inside & out and will run our wash entirely on solar and wind power.  We will also be implementing an electric vehicle charging station fueled from our completely green grid, and stationary bikes in the lobby will be available to charge/power electronic devices (with a little pedaling of course!).

Reduce, ReUse, Recyle, Compost and Conserve

In addition to making every effort to be efficient, effective and sustainable on the front end, Karma's robust recycling program will divert significant tonnage from the landfill (over 11 tons/yr), uniforms & promotional items will be produced from recycled and/or organic materials when possible and a portion of Karma's revenue will be donated to local organizations such as KAB (Keep Austin Beautiful).

Because car washing and clean can quickly become contradictory at the average car wash, Karma is the perfect venue to promote positive change.

Local Business

We're locally owned & operated, so we are proud to invest in our employees and in our local community - we are committed to help make it a great place for everyone to live, work and play.

" Every local community has a story, a history, and a unique personality that cannot be replicated. This is often thanks to specialized, small-scale businesses, like this one, which contribute to a neighborhood’s distinctive character and promote a thriving ecosystem in their community. Small, independent businesses offer diverse products and services, fostering economic resilience by removing the local economy’s dependence on a single industry. When you buy local, you build local, and deepen your connection to your own community.

As a result, patronizing a local business like this is an act of community building. Check out their website to learn more about the local experience you can discover today," Groupon.

Did You Know?

Karma Cafe - keeping YOU fast, green and clean!

As much as we love clean cars, quality of life extends beyond a brilliantly clean vehicle (although that's a great start) we need to keep our bodies clean too - which is about more than just good hygeine!  

What you put into your body is what you get out, it's always been that way.  Regardless of how bad you want to lose weight, have more energy to live, play, work out, run a triathalon or whatever it is you wish you could be doing ... if you're not putting quality fuel into the tank, it's just not going to happen.

At Karma Cafe, we have the healthiest, most delicious selections of snacks, fresh juices, smoothies and meals to get you moving towards your goals as fast as you want to go.  We also have free resources to keep you informed of the most effective ways to conquer all those challenges standing in your way.

Being Fast, Green and Clean is a choice, it's a lifestyle ... join us in changing the world one car wash at a time, one person at a time.  Eat right, get fit, have fun - love life.

See you at the wash!

Not only that, their Customer Service was outstanding. Very friendly, pleasant and courteous. I was very impressed and will be telling my family & friends about it… AND will be back! Thank you all for a job well done.

Mary Ann

When I walked out to get my car, I could not help but smile from ear to ear!! My car looked beautiful and shined like a new penny and the inside was spotless. I mean they got into the nooks & crannies, and there was not a piece 
of dirt anywhere!!! Great job!


I just had my car detailed a couple of days ago at the Austin location and I was pleasantly blown away by the phenomenal job you all did on my Grand Prix.